Hi, I’m Amanda!

Perfectly Scrumptious started as a dream in a tiny kitchen in Pittsburgh. I was born and raised in Fort Myers and started trying new and delicious food at the very young age of 2! When I went off to college I was unsure what my passion for life was, so I just took general classes in community college to buy time to find my passion. Shortly after moving away to Gainesville I found that I loved cooking and baking. I was spending all of my free time cooking for my roommates and friends, and when I should have been doing homework I was finding new recipes to try. I decided in 2006 to go to culinary school, but I was undecided on sweet or savory. Since I truly loved them both, I enrolled in the culinary program at Pennsylvania Culinary Institute because I had worked in restaurants and loved the fast paced vibe. While finishing my culinary degree in Pittsburgh, Pa I became very ill and was unable to tolerate the smell of savory food, let alone taste it. It took 6 weeks to figure out that it was my gallbladder failing that was making me so ill. In those 6 weeks just to pass the time I started making crazy cupcake flavors! Immediately I fell in love with cupcakes and everyone loved my creations! Once I had my gallbladder removed and graduated school I moved home with the dream to open my gourmet cupcake shop! 2008 was not the time to start a business in SWFL so I got a job at a restaurant working in the kitchen, but never quit cupcakes. I baked for anyone that would let me and quickly doubled then tripled my flavor options. In 2011 I finally had the opportunity to see my dream become my reality; on November 28, 2011 I opened Perfectly Scrumptious inside of A Flower Boutique in Bonita Springs! In two and a half years I’ve baked thousands and thousands of cupcakes, gained the most amazing clientele, and been a part of the biggest days in people’s lives. In 2013 another one of my dreams came true when I was selected to appear on the hit Food Network show Cupcake Wars! This summer I moved my shop out of the flower shop and into Handel’s Ice Cream and look forward to sweetening even more people’s days! I am so blessed to be able to do the thing I love the most every single day, and I get to make people smile while I do it!

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